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Algebra one, help+ check? :)

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So, this is my math homework. [ I scanned it so it would be easier to explain what I'm doing]
h t t p://oi54.tinypic(Dotcom)/2wei16e.jpg
And, I don't exactly get how to do problem number 1, and I was wondering if someone could assit me with that.
Thank you.

  • Algebra one, help+ check? :) -

    address doesn't work for me

  • Algebra one, help+ check? :) -

    I will do the first one

    g(x) = |x+3|

    results in y = x+3 and y = -x-3
    graph only the part that falls above the x-axis
    the two lines intersect at (-3,0)
    so the vertex is (-3,0)

    do the others the same way.

  • Algebra one, help+ check? :) -

    Thank you!

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