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Word Problems

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I have two questions:

Inflation is currently causing the cost of items to increase by about 2.5% per year. In 2009 a litre of gasoline costs approximately $0.90. What will it cost to fill a 60 litre gas tank 10 years from now? Round your answer to the nearest dollar. Name at least one thing other than inflation that determines the cost to the consumer of any article (not just gasoline).


A particular power boat travelling at V0 km/h when its power is turned off will have its speed V given by V(t) = V0 × 10-0.18t where t is the time in seconds since the engine was turned off. If this boat was travelling at 50km/h before powering down, construct a table showing its speed at t = 0, 1, 2, ..., 5. What are the limitations in using this exponential function to describe the speed of the boat?

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    1. C = 0.90 + 0.025*10(0.90),
    C = 0.90 + 0.225 = 1.125/liter.

    C = 1.125 * 60 = 67.50 To fill tank.

    2. Taxes.

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