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Homework Help: Chemistry

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, January 12, 2011 at 1:44pm.

Are these correct also?

Ammonium Chloride : NH4Cl
Nitrogen Dioxide : NO2
Hydroiodice Acid : HI
Stannous Iodide : SnI2
Perchloric Acid : HClO4
Sulfur Trioxide : SO3
Chromium (III) Oxide : Cr2O3

Nitric Acid : HNO3
Diphosphorous Pentoxide: P205
Mercurous Chloride : Hg2Cl2
Diphosphorous Trioxide : PsO3
Barium Permanganate : Ba(MnO4)2
Carbon Tetrahydride : CH4

Potassium Nitrate : KNO3
Sodium Hydride : NaH
Sulfurous Acid: H2SO3
Scandium (III) Hydroxide : ScOH3
Sulfur Hexachloride : SCl6
Periodic Acid : HIO4
Hypochlorous Acid : HClO

Carbon Monoxide : CO
Dihydrogen Monoxide : H20
Cesium Carbonate : CsCO3
Ferric Perchlorate : Fe(ClO4)3
Radium Nitrate : Ra(NO3)2

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