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Are these correct?

1. KBr: Potassium Bromide
2. Cu2O: Copper (I) Oxide
3. HCl: Hydrochloric Acid
4. N2O4: Dinitrogen Tetroxide
5. H3P: Hydrophosphoric Acid
6. FeS: Iron (II) Sulfide
7. Ag2SO4: Silver Sulfate
8. HNO2: Nitrous Acid
9. Pb(CO3)2: Lead (IV) Carbonate
10. Ba(NO3)2: Barium Nitrate
11. (NH4)3PO4: Ammonium Phosphate

12. Mg(NO2)2: Magnesium Nirtrate
13. IF7: Iodine Heptafluoride
14. NO: HItrogen Monoxide
15. CBr4: Carbon Tetrabromide
16. CaCO3: Calcium Carbonate
17. Na2O: Sodium Oxide
18. Cu3N2: Copper (II) Nitride
19. Sr(MnO4)2: Strontium Permanganate
20. H2S: Hydrogen Sulfide
21. N2O3: Dinitrogen Trioxide

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