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An electron accelerates from rest through a potential difference of 184 V. What is its final speed?
An electron that has a horizontal initial speed of 4.50 106 m/s enters a region that has an electric field of 120 V/m pointing vertically upward.
How long does the electron take to travel 24 cm in the horizontal direction
In this same time, what is the vertical displacement of the electron? Treat up as positive

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    (Voltage change)*charge = kinetic energy change.

    Use that to get the K.E and then use that and the electron mass to get the final velocity.

    For the second question,
    (travel time, t) = 0.24 m/(horizontal velocity)

    Vertical displacement = (1/2) a t^2

    Get the acceleration a from
    a = F/m = e*E/m
    E is the Electric field, which is given. e is the electron charge.

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