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What is the adjective in the sentence:
It is about the same size as the United States.
Also, what are the adjectives and what do they describe in the sentences:
The flutes are a third group of instruments.
The small keys send a burst of air to large pipes in the instruments.
Most of them are wind instruments.

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    The adjective in the first sentence is SAME. It describes the noun, "size."

    What do you think are the adjectives in the other three sentences? Remember, adjectives describe or modify nouns and pronouns. The tell which, what kind of, or how many.

    We'll be glad to check your answers.

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    Ok, so for the other three sentences I got:
    Third group-describes flute and instruments
    small-describes keys
    burst-describes air
    large-describes pipes
    most,wind-describes instruments

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    2. THIRD is an adjective describing the noun "group." It tells which group.

    3. You have two of the correct adjectives -- SMALL and LARGE. The word "burst" is a noun.

    4. In this sentence, "most" is a noun. WIND describes the noun, "instrument." It tells what kind of instrument.

    Please study this site carefully.

    Also -- if you're not sure, look up words in a dictionary. It will indicate the part of speech and how the word is used.

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    Thanks! English is not my strong subject.

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    You're welcome. English is my strong subject, but I still consult a dictionary if I'm not sure about the part of speech of a word in a specific sentence. Many words can be three or more parts of speech -- depending upon how it is used.

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