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Posted by Franco on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 at 12:27pm.

I have a few more things I'm not sure of. I hope you can help me with them.
Thank you.

1)I prefer living in the countryside to living in a big city.
I hate busy streets and places jammed with people. (How can you describes streets in which there is a lot of traffic and you ca't even walk because the sidewalks are missing. There aren't bike (?) paths either.)
2) I'd prefer to live (I'd rather live)in a village rather than (than?) in a big town (to living in a big town) are they both correct? However, I don' like wasting my time hanging out with friends as there isn't much to do.
3) I wish my town organized more for your people. I alsoo wish there were more parks for children equipped with slides and swings.
4) In my town there are only two butchers (or two butcher's shops or butchers' shop) and two newagents.
5) How large/big (both possible) is the population of New York? It's of (??) about eight million people/OR It's eight million people.
6) How many meters above sea level lies your town?
5)How do you call the free-time activities local churches organize for the children?

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