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An object in SHM oscillates with a period of 4.0 s and an amplitude of 10 cm. How long does the object take to move from x=0cm to x=6cm.

Okay, so first I used f=1/T to find the frequency =0.25Hz.
Then, I used frequency to find omega w=2*pi*f
=1.57 rad

The next part I'm not sure about
Can someone tell me if i've done this correctly. And, if not, how to do it correctly please

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    w = 2 pi/P = 1.571 rad/s

    Let's pick time zero as when x = 0

    x = 10*sinwt
    When x = 6, sinwt = 0.6 and
    wt = 0.644 radians
    t = 0.410 s, about 1/10 of the period

    Your answer is close, but wrong. I don't know what your R means, or where the x/t = Rw equation came from

    You need to take an arcsine of 0.6 somewhere.

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    i don't understand that he/she has done

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