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You pick up a charge of one micro-Coulomb while walking over carpet, how many electrons were transferred? (Order of magnitude only)


If a third charge is released in the middle between the two positive charges, independent of the magnitude of the charges, it will remain at rest.

There is a position between the two positive charges where a third positive charge would remain at rest.

If a third negative charge is released at some position, it will accelerate toward the larger of the two positive ones.

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    and your thinking is...

    I will be happy to critique your thinking.

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    I know that 1 micro-coulomb is 1*10^-6 coulombs and 1 electron has 1.60217646 * 10-19 coulombs. I'm not sure if you have to divide or multiply them? And don't you need the mass of the carpet to do it?

    My answers on true/false;
    False, it does depend on the magnitude of the charges.
    True, there is an equilibrium point where all net charges are zero.
    I thought the last one was true, but I'm not sure anymore. It seems like it's common sense, the larger the charge, the more attracted the negative charge would be towards it.

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