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Can you check if my rephrasing is correct? Thank you very much.

1) The monster's skin is yellow and scarcely covers the pulsing work of its muscles and arteries.
2) The ship left the harbour, but a violent storm-blast compared to an enormous bird brought (better: drove?) the ship to the South Pole.
3)Frankenstein makes his experiment in a desolate room (better: laboratory) with limbs of corpses (better: among limbs of corpses/full of limbs..).
4)The monster remains for a long time in a cottage. (Better: the monster is confined in/to a cottage?)
5) Shelley doesn't specify to the reader how the doctor managed to build Frankenstein's body from different corpses.
6) The ship starts travelling under the sun, with good weather and calm sea.
7)Then, it is hanged (correction: caught) in a stormblast and surrounded by high and green ices and a white fog which becomes (correction: makes) the navigation very hard until the mariner sees an albatross.
8)This bird brings the sun and the ice splits freeing the ship. The stormblast is described as a big bird which chases the ship with its wings.

  • English -

    1 - OK

    2 - yes, use "drove"

    3 - yes, use "laboratory" - delete the rest of the words in parentheses.

    4 - yes, "is confined to"

    5 - OK

    6 - OK

    7 - yes, "caught" - "ice" (not ices) - yes, "makes"

    8 - comma after "sun" and after "splits"

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