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Posted by Tracy on Monday, January 10, 2011 at 11:39am.

Analysis of a compound indicates that it is 49.02% carbon, 2.743% hydrogen, and 48.23% chlorine by mass. A solution is prepared by dissolving 3.150 grams of the compound in 25.00 grams of benzene, C6H6. Benzene has a normal freezing point of 5.50degreeC and the solution freezes at 1.12degreeC. The molal freezing point constant,kf, for benzene is 5.12C/molal.
1.Find the empirical formula of this compound.
2.Using the freezing point data calculate the molar mass of the compound.
3. Calculate the mole fraction of benzene in the solution.
4. The vapor pressure of benzene at 35degreeC is 150.0mmHg. Calculate the vapor pressure of benzene over the solution described in this problem at 35degreeC.

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