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Using exact values,find the value of:


sin 2A + tan 3A/2 - cos A + sec(A+15), when A= 30degrees

There were no parentheses and no exponents. please help by showing the work in details. Thank you!
I pluged in the numbers and got this
I don't know if its right or wrong..
2*1/2 + (3*sqrt3/3)/2 -sqrt3/2 + (2sqrt3+15)

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    Your answer is incorrect. For A = 30 degrees, it is easy to give exact values for each term

    sin60 + tan45 -cos30 +sec(45)
    = (sqrt3)/2 +1 -(sqrt3)/2 +sqrt2
    = 1 + sqrt2

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    Thank you soo much.

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    Can you add 1 to the sqrt of 2 .
    Or was that the final answer.

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    That was the final and exact answer.

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