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Posted by on Sunday, January 9, 2011 at 2:38pm.

• Write several sentences describing a recent interaction with a friend or family member about personal finance or credit cards. This interaction may be imagined or real.

• Use at least five different pronouns, adverbs, and adjectives in your sentences.

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    We do not do your work for you. Write the assignment, marking the parts of speech required. Repost and we will be happy to make corrections or suggestions as needed.

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    It was a Saturday afternoon and I was enjoying a relaxing day at home when my mobile phone rang. I answered the phone and the person I was speaking to said he wanted to take me through security as he was calling from the bank. [ [ So, I gave him certain letters of my password which he asked for etc. He then asked if I was using my Credit Card. I was surprised and said "no" and went on to inform him I was actually at home and had my Credit Card with me. He said my Card had been used some minutes ago for a transaction of over $400 - my eyes got wider. I panicked a bit, then asked him where, as I had the card. He said it was being used in a Post Office. In a nutshell, he asked me to destroy my card, return it to the bank and they would issue another one. I'm sure something must have triggered their computer system because I never spend that amount of money on my card. Apparently, minutes before that a transaction of about $4 was made. (this must have been for the fraudster to check the card was working). I was very lucky the bank called me because the two amounts were successful but the bank cancelled the transaction. Sometime ago, a friend of mine actually had his bank card on him, while someone was using it to withdraw money out in a Cash machine in another Town. Sadly, he had to proof it wasn't him and there was a lot of hassle in sorting it out. Apparently his card was cloned. I think my card was cloned too because I teach in the evenings and when I close about 9pm to get petrol on my way home, the normal front access to the cashier is closed and customers have to put their card under a window for someone to take payment. (by a side window) ] ]

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