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A 1.o kg cart A and 2.0 kg cart B are at rest on a frictionless table. A cord and a spring of negligible mass join the two carts. The spring is compressed 0.060m between the two carts until the spring's potential energy is 12 Joules. When the cord is cut, the spring will force the carts apart.

- Determine the spring constant
-deteremine the magnitude of the average force required to compress the spring 0.0600m
-Compare the following quantities wile the spring is pushing the carts apart:
-the forces acting on the two carts
-the change in momentum of the two cars
-the initial and final momentum of the two caarts
-the acceleration of the two carts
-determine the final velocity of the cart A
-determine the ratio of the maximum kinetic energy of cart A to the maximim kinetic energy of cart B.

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    Ok, show your work, and I will gladly critique it. Do it step by step. I am not going to do it for you.

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    i don't no but sorry

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