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Can you tell me if I correct all grammar errors?There are three kids in the room.

We have been married for 20 years, and are relationship is as strong as ever.

I am having trouble with my car. Can you give me some advice?

The diplomats are doing what they can to restore peace.

I know it is important, so I will defiantly be there on time.

I never knew that the new employee knows the manager’s son.

I cannot find my keys. I hope I did not loose them.

I should have written down where I last put them.

They are right.

I do not want to buy that. It is too expensive.

It is hot out today.

I love my car. Its interior is so comfortable.

The movie was so boring that I did not know if I could make it through to the end.

You are welcome. I was happy to help.

An evening out can be a great way to clear one’s mind.

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    1. our relationship

    through to the end (the other is informal English)


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    definitely, not defiantly
    lose, not loose

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