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Posted by Franco on Friday, January 7, 2011 at 6:43pm.

I forgot to include these very last sentences. Thank you very much!

1) From 1982 to 2005 (two thousand and five/twenty oh five) he worked hard and appeared in 29 films. How long did he work hard? From when to when did he work hard? How many films did he appear in?
2)In 1993 he worked in TV. When did he work in TV?
3)In 1989 film director Stanley Kubrik offered him the part of Bill Harford in the film Eyes wide shut. What/which part did Kubrik offer him in the movie Eyes Wide Shut? Which part did he play?
4)At the moment he’s living in Los Angeles with his third wife Katie Holmes and his three sons. Where is he living at the moment? Who is he living with?
5)His nickname in the film Top Gun is Maverick. What is his nickname in the film Top Gun?
6)I like colorful clothes and I can’t stand the people who only dress (??) (wear) black clothes (but: who dress in black/people wearing black?).I’m wearing blue (a pair of ?) tracksuit bottoms, a grey sweatshirt and under it (?) a pink t-shirt like my shoes (better: of the same color as my shoes?).
7) I’m also wearing an original earring with the peace sign.
8) I’m wearing a t-shirt with the paint (picture?) of “Lupen” (better: with Lupen written on it) under a blue tracksuit top and a pair of jeans with pockets on each side.
9) I’m also wearing a fashionable two-color wool (woolen) scarf and some wrist bands. I avoid buying designer clothes but I like wearing fashionable clothes.

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