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Readthe sentences.
Write the first letter of the type of figurative language used in each sentence,

S=Simily M=Metaphor H=Hyperbole P=Personification

1. The wind whistled through the
trees. P

2. I am so hungry I could eat a
horse. H

3. She was as quiet as a mouse. S

4. I have told you a million times. H

5. His face was an open book. M

6. He is as strong as an ox. S

7. The stars looked down from the
Sky. P

8. Her smile is a ray of bright sunshine. M

9. His bedroom is a pig's sty. H

10. She was pretty as a picture in her new dress. S

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    Excellent! All are correct!

    Please note that it's simile, not simily.

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    sorry thanks for the help

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    You're welcome.

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    omg thank u soooooooooooo much

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