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Consider a square ABCD of side 10cm and total mass 10kg. Let O be the center of the sqaure. We cut a square of corners O and C.
Find the central mass of the obtained shape after removing the small cutten sqaure.

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    How big is the cut-off piece? You would need to that it most cases. (Not this time, however)

    I think they want the Center of Mass, not the "Central Mass" -- whatever that is.

    You also probably meant "off corners A and C" instead of "of corners O and C". There IS no corner at O. Please be more precise with your problem copying.

    In this case, because of the symmetry of removing opposite corners A and C, the center of mass will not move.

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    Lets do it the math way.


    now, doing it in each coordinate.



    check all that.

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