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My teacher told my to do all these sentences over but i don't know what is wrong with them ?? Well here are the sentences :
I need a radar for my aunt because she drives way to fast.
In gifted and talented I wrote a story about a groundhog that saw it's shadow.
We get biography class in high school.
My baby cousin doesn't know what is a document.

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    I'll list the phrases in which you have an error.

    way to fast

    saw it's shadow

    get biography class (Is there such a class?)

    what is a document

    How do you think these phrases can be corrected?

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    she goes fast
    it had seen it's shadow
    I read a biography book in class about Helen Keller.
    what a document folder is

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    I think you've misunderstood.

    Is it?
    way to fast
    way too fast
    way two fast

    saw it's shadow
    saw its shadow

    biography class
    biology class

    The last one should be:

    what a document is

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    Thank you Ms.Sue!!~~ That helped me a lot with me homework !!~~~~Thx !!~~~~

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    You're welcome. I'll be glad to check your answers, to be sure they're right.

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    My teacher said that it was very good!! ~~~~ Thx !!~~~~

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