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Aircraft are landing and taking off on parallel runways at a busy airport. On its approach, one aircraft descends from an altitude of 1200m to an altitude of 500m in 35s. During the same time, a departing aircraft climbs from an altitude of 200 m to an altitudes of 1250m.

A) Write a system of linear equations to model the altitudes of the aircraft

B)When are the aircraft at the same altitude? What is that altitude?

I really don't get how to to this, Please help:(

  • MATH -

    1200-500 = 700
    x = 1200 - (700/35)t

    1250 - 200 = 1050
    y = 200 +(1050/35) t

    when does x equal y ?

  • geo111 -

    what are effects of latitude on weather and climate?

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