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Posted by Franco on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 at 10:48am.

Can you check these sentences please? Thank you .

Thomas Becket was the most venerated among English saints (Can you also say: the most venerated English saint?)
2) Chaucer describe the pilgrims as dynamic characters.
3) Canterbury represents the end of human life.
4) Only when you are happy do (grammar rule?) you enjoy the pleasures of life.
5) Pilgrims comes from all social classes with the exclusion of (except for ) the noblemen and the peasants.
6)As a matter of fact, no noblemen would have agreed to travel with commoners whereas no lower-class people would/could have afforded the expense of such a trip.
7) Chaucer doesnít tell (give us?) his opinion (he suspends judgement) about the pilgrims. He limits himself to describing them physically and morally.
8) The wind is personified as Zephyrus, the God of the west wind, which blows over each grove.
Chaucer describes his appearance and profession. The merchant is a representative of the new emerging middle class in English medieval society.
9) Chaucer also wants to show how profession conditioned the individualís behavior.

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