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An automobile traveling at 50.0 km/h has tires of 100.0 cm diameter.
(a) What is the angular speed of the tires about their axles?
1 rad/s

(b) If the car is brought to a stop uniformly in 25.0 complete turns of the tires (without skidding), what is the magnitude of the angular acceleration of the wheels?
2 rad/s2

(c) How far does the car move during the braking?
3 m

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    I already took this course. It is your turn to try the problems. When we see exactly what you are having trouble with perhaps we can help.

    Torque = rate of change of angular momentum
    = I alpha

    omega = w = angular speed
    angular momentum = I w

    alpha = dw/dt = rate of change of w = angular acceleration

    tangential speed = v = w r

    distance rolled = r theta = 2 pi r*number of turns

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