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Posted by Franco on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 at 5:19am.

Thank you very much. I need to find appropriate synonyms in the following sentences. I looked them up in the dictionary but I'm still doubtful.

1) Elizabeth I’s, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn’s daughter, ruled through her Privy Council of about 20 members, great nobles and officials.
2)She encouraged the hopes of European princes with whom it was important to keep on good terms (I need to rephrase this sentence using a synonym: to keep in good relationships?).
3)She was beloved by her subjects who eventually made a cult of their “Virgin Queen”.
4)Her court was brilliant since it consisted of musicians, poets and actors, who were anxious (eager?) to entertain her.
5)Her great achievement in foreign policy was the defeat of Spain. At first she avoided open war with Spain (she avoided coming into conflict with Spain) so that explorations and overseas trade expanded, making England a commercial and seafaring power.
6) She secretely encouraged (supported) English sea-captains who were engaged (synonym?) in piracy, and took a share of their profits.
7)As a matter of fact, they captured Spanish ships that carried precious metals, tobacco and slaves from Africa to America. In 1588, however, the war with Spain broke out.
8) The English ships managed to defeat the Spanish Armada because they were lower, faster and armed with long-range guns. The English fleet had (got?) the better of the Spanish one also with the help (thanks to, because of, owing to?) of bad weather.

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