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5th math

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i need help with this problem .please! show me how to do it. What is the median for the following number? 11,30,24,20,15,31,32,20,18,29.

thank you!

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    Arrange those numbers in order. The middle number is the median.

    Since you have an even number of numbers, the median is half-way between the 5th and 6th numbers.

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    can you check my answer it's 20 is the median. my next question how do you solve this problem . what is the median of the following number? 24,99,101,93,14,29?
    here my answer i add 29+93=122
    than i divid it by 2=6.29 please correct me if i;m wrong thanks!!

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    The fifth number is 20; the sixth is 24. What is half way between 20 and 24? That's the median.

    For the second problem, how can 6.29 be half way between 29 and 93??

    93 - 29 = 64

    64/2 = 32

    29 + 32 = 61

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    thank you ms.sue now i'm kind of get better understanding than last time since , you told me more about this problem. thank you again!!

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    You're welcome, Pat.

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