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Honors Algebra

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Hi, I need some help with my Algebra. This is how it goes:

Yet another company subsidiary of the company is a company that provides a dumpster rental service. The company will deliver a dumpster to a customer's site for a one-time fee of $150. The company also charges a fee each day that the dumpster is rented. The table belwow shows the cost per week (7 days) without the delivery charge.

Okay, so the table is like this.

Length of rental (weeks) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Cost (dollars) Week 1: 192.50 Week 2: 385.00 Week 3: 577.50 Week 4: 770.00 week 5: 962.50

Then it tells me to fill in the blank part of the table with my answers for the Cost Per Day.

Week 1: 27.50 Week 2: 55.00 Week 3: 82.50 Week 4: 110 Week 5: 137.50

I got these answers by dividing 7 by the cost per week.

Then it goes on to tell me to complete a table of values that shows the cost of a rental for 1 to 7 days. It says to include the one-time cost delivery. I got a bit confused on this part.

The table is like this:

Duration of rental (days): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Cost (dollars):

And it tells me to fill in the cost of rental for each day.

If you could help me out it would be much appreciated, thanks!

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