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consider 4 masses mA=1kg, mB=2kg, mC=3kg, mD=4kg, placed at the vertices of a square ABCD of side 4cm. Specify the position of G the center of mass of the system{A,B,C,D}.
determine the position of G.
Thank you :)

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    well it is easy.

    consider CMx:

    CMx*totalmass=mA*locationA+ massB*locationB+ ...

    CMx= 20cm/10= 2cm

    CMy*10kg= 1kg*0+2kg*0+ 3kg*4cm+4kg*4cm

    Cmy= 2.8cm
    check my work.
    I located the square with A at the origin, B at 4,0, C at 4,4, and D at 0,4

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