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Calculate the Ksp Ca(OH)2 25cm3 of a saturated solution required 11.45cm3 of 0.1mol/dm3 HCl for neutralization.

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    2HCl + Ca(OH)2 --> CaCl2 + 2H2O
    1 dm^3 = 1L
    moles HCl used = M x L.
    Look at the coefficients in the balanced equation. That many moles HCl means 1/2 that for moles Ca(OH)2.
    That is the # moles Ca(OH)2 in 25 cc. Convert that to moles in 1 dm^3 (1L) solution. Let's call that S for solubility. Then
    Ca(OH)2 ==> Ca^+2 + 2OH^-

    Substitute the value of S (or 2S) into the Ksp expression and solve for Ksp. Post your work if you get stuck.
    Ksp = (Ca^+2)(OH^-)^2

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