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verify : [sec(x) / csc(x) - cot(x)] - [sec(x) / csc(x) + cot(x)] = 2csc(x)

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    Use the following identities to express everything in sin(x), cos(x), tan(x) and cot(x):


    Unless there is a typo on the right-hand-side, I find the given identity not true.

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    i put it in my graphing calculator, though, and they graph the same function

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    This is why I suspected there is a typo.
    The left-hand-side evaluates to -2csc(x).
    The right-hand-side, 2*csc(x).

    I suggest you recheck the expressions posted.

    Here's a plot of each side of the identity as posted.

  • trig-correction -

    The left-hand-side evaluates to -2cot(x).

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