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child daycare man.

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i have these question can you check my answers?

1-Which Of The Following Is An Obstacle To Learning For A Beginning Mover?

A)Knowledge of what elements of the movement to focus on

b) Chronic indifference characteristic between birth and age three

c) Shorter time to monitor perceptual imput from the visual system

d) Difficult in performing simultaneous movements

i think its A?

2- children learning to take their heart rates are demonstrating

A-movement relations

b-fitness concept

c-body awareness

d- body concept

i think D?

3-a child who responds "no" to evry request is demonstrating

a. willful obstinacy

b.hereditary distemper

c.nascent narcissism


i think c?

  • child daycare man. -

    I would say D, C and D, respectively.

  • child daycare man. -

    thanks for being honest

  • child daycare man. -

    1) correct i took same exam its A

    2)D is wrong check your book on page 169

    3) c is incorrect pg162 in your text book

  • child daycare man. -

    3 is D autonomy

  • child daycare man. -

    2 is A and 3 is D autonomy

  • child daycare man. -

    A is wrong

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