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Sketch a height versus time graph of the sinusoidal function that models each situation. draw at lease three cycles. assume that the first point plotted on each graph is at the lowest point:

a girl lying on a an air mattress in a wave pool that is 3 m deep, with waves 0.5 m in height that occur at 7 s

i was just wondering if i would start off at -0.5 m, and then at 3.5 s, i would plot at point at 0.5 m, and then at 7 s, i would plot at point at -0.5 again? in that case would 7 be considered the period of the function?

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    They mean 7 s is the period I believe.
    Remember the depth of the pool, 3 meters.

    I assume by wave height they mean the amplitude and not the height from bottom to peak which would be 1 here

    First point is at 3-.5 = 2.5 m
    t---- h
    0000 2.5
    1.75 3
    3.50 3.5
    5.25 3
    7.00 2.5
    8.75 3
    10.5 3.5 etc

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    thank you
    but, i would assume the height of the wave would be -0.5 to 0.5 because wouldn't be calculate it in terms of the water's surface?

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