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how much money would have to be invested in an account at 3.98% annual interset to achieve a balance of 25,000 in 17 years if

a. The account pays simple interest
b. the account compound interest qrtly
c. the account compounds interest continuously

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    solve for x, the original amount

    x + 17(.0398)x = 25000

    i = .0398/4 = .00995

    x(1.00995)^68 = 25000
    x = 25000/(1.00995^68) = .......


    25000 = x (e^(.0398(17))
    x = ...

  • math -

    mujhe simple interest ka method samajh nahi ataa. question-a some of money double itself 10 year the number of year it wood trebles itself is.........

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