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1. Describe how the magma is generated for volcanoes parallel to a subduction zone.
2. What two factors result in a volcano at a plate boundary?
3. Why are volcanoes found at mid-ocean ridges but not at ocean trenches?
4. What causes a hot spot in the mantle?
5. Explain why hot spot volcanoes appear as volcanic chains in the middle of an oceanic plate.
6. How are the terms “focus” and “epicentre” linked?
7. Draw a graphic organizer to compare the three categories of earthquake: shallow-focus, intermediate-focus, and deep-focus.
8. (a) At what type of plate boundary are deepfocus earthquakes likely to occur?
(b) What causes them?
9. The three largest earthquakes in recorded
history have occurred in subduction zones. How
does the plate tectonic theory explain this?
Consider the processes that occur along all three types of plate boundaries.
10. (a) What are the two main types of seismic waves?
(b) Explain the difference between the two types.
11. Which type of seismic wave travels farthest through Earth? Why?
12. In 2005 and 2006, several major earthquakes occurred in Pakistan and Iran, located to the
north and west of India.
(a) Why does the theory of plate tectonics support the occurrence of earthquakes in these countries?
(b) What type of plate boundary exists near these two countries?

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