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Thank you very much for your corrections! Here are the last sentences of this year. By the way, I wish you all the best for the New Year!

1) This evening we are going to celebrate New Year's Eve in a hotel in the mountains. The hotel is jammed with people, especially with young children running up and down the stairs.
2) The children will be looked after by a group of very professional entertainers. They will have dinner at a separate table located (?) in the middle of the dining room.
3) First of all, Wordsworth analyzes the subject matter of poetry, which should (?) deal with (better: is based on) everyday life and situations.
4)Then he talks about the language of poetry, which should be (better: is) as near as possible to the language really spoken ny men.
5)He also deals with the importance of imagination, which (that?) enables the poet to perceive things other men are blind to.
6)Finally, since poetry is considered (defined by Wordsworth) as the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings, memory allows the poet to recollect and reorganize it in tranquillity.
7)Poems should be written (are to be written) as far (??) as possible in a selection of language really used by men.
8) Wordsworth defines imagination as the capacity of coloring.
9) The poet sees all things (correction: everything) through the eyes of memory, which recollect emotions already lost.

  • English -

    1 - OK

    2 - OK

    3 - "is based on" - yes

    4 - "talks"? Don't you mean "writes"? And yes, "is" is better in the later part of the sentence.

    5 - "which"

    6 - "since poetry is defined by Wordsworth to be the spontaneous..."

    7 - "should be written as much as possible ... "

    8 - OK

    9 - The poet sees everything through the eyes of memory which remembers emotions...

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