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Young children are more likely to demonstrate early literacy skills when
a. they are read to on a regular basis.
b. they watch tv for over an hour
c. they see their parents reading or watching tv
d. they play video games on computer
i chose "c" they see their parents reading or watching tv as the correct answer. please check it for me. thank you

2. In early education the term "bridging the gap" refers to
a.your goal of gradually transforming non-mainstream children into successful participants in your mostly mainstream program
b. Discontinuity between home & school learning contexts
c. Your efforts to acclimate non-mainstrean students as quickly as possible into your classroom program
d.immersing non-mainstream chilldren into exclusive use of the dominant mainstream language

3. Anwar is a preschooler in a family whose culture does not place much emphasis on early language development & reading. As a teacher you would rightly see this as a threat to
a. His future socialization with mainstream children
b. your ability to conduct age-appropriate learning in language development
c. your efforts to create a multicultural environment in which every child has an equal opportunit to participate
d. Anwar's potential for success in elementary school
I chose "a" as my answer can some one please check it for me. thank you

  • Diversity -

    1. What does watching TV have to do with literacy skills?

    2. - ??

    3. I disagree with "a".

  • Diversity -

    for no. 1 my first choice was "a" I accidently presss c. sorry bout mistake.
    2 then my second choice was "c"'
    3. my second choice was "c"

  • Diversity -

    1 - I agree it's "a".

    2 - What was your first choice? That's what my ?? were for.

    3 - "c" is probably correct.

  • Diversity -

    for no two question was a and c was my second choice

  • Diversity -

    2 - "a" and "c" are pretty close, but I think "a" is better because the goal seems to be success rather than speed.

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