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f you have a bill of 1.439 pesos how can you equal each person in 3 family in per head? of Joseph-3 family of Daniel-2 family of charles-5?

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    Is that number one thousand four hundred and thirty nine? Don't countries that use pesos (Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Philippines) use periods as a decimal point? Maybe not.

    One and a half pesos doesn't buy much these days.

    In your case, divide the bill by ten (the number of people). It won't quite come out even, but I don't think anyone will complain.

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    I think we must add the whole family per head and divided the given bill.then
    times the number of every per head of the family in order to get a specific equal payment per head of the family.
    (1.439 peso bill philippine money)
    1.439 given
    2+3+5=10 per head of the family.
    1.439 divide by 10xperhead of the family.

    0.1439 x 2=0.2878-payment for the family of Daniel
    0.1439 x 3=0.4317-family of joseph
    0.1439 x 5=0.7195-family of
    checking the equal for payment of every family
    + P431.70
    + P719.50

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