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What will be the pH of an aqueous solution containing 0.040 mol/L sodium hydroxide??

I got 1.40 or 1.398 I rounded the numbers is
my answer right??? If not what's the right answer??

I know I wrote the question again, because on the previous answer I did not understand what u mean and from where u got 14.00 ... Plz can u explain it again so that I get it . It's very important to me thank u :)

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    NaOH ==> Na^+ + OH^-
    NaOH is 0.04M from the problem.
    Na^+ is 0.04M and OH^- is 0.04M
    You took the -log(OH^-), which is 1.40 and you called that the H^+ but it isn't. It is the (OH^-) so you calculated the pOH and not the pH. But you can convert your pOH to pH from the equation
    pH + pOH = pKw = 14.00
    pH + 1.40 = 14.00
    pH = 14.00 - 1.40 = 12.60

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