March 28, 2017

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Is this true or false?
1. Ideas about the value of knowledge gained through scientific research come from a society's social, ethical, and moral concerns.

2. Pure science is scientific research carried out primarily to solve specific environmental problem.

3. Technology is the practial application of scientific research to improve human life and the world in which we live.

4. a technological solution to a human problem can benefit humans but may also cause a different possible serious problem.

5. scientists have the final say about how the results of scientific discoveries are applied.


  • biology /check please - ,

    What don't you understand about bobpursley's answer?


  • biology /check please - ,

    what do you mean by this all i need to know is it right or no?

  • biology /check please - ,

    We Jiskha volunteers are tutors and are here to help students learn. We are not automated computers.

    Bobpursley posted that all answers were correct except for one.

  • biology /check please - ,

    Thank you very much for your time an d help one more question what number is wrong ? thank you for your patient

  • biology /check please - ,

    BobPursley told you which one was wrong.

  • biology /check please - ,

    In this homework I suppose to answer by true or false if its false I have to rewrite to make it true help me please

  • biology /check please - ,

    #3 needs fixing. How will you write that up?

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