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21. Where do fibroid tumors develop?
A. Testes C. Diverticulum
B. Uterus D. Liver

22. When comparing the flow of lymph in the lymphatic system with the flow of blood in
the circulatory system, it can be said that the lymphatic system also
A. uses a pump.
B. contains fluid that travels in only one direction.
C. uses valves to prevent backward flow.
D. contains fluid that travels in a closed circuit.

23. When comparing hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, it can be said that
A. hemodialysis takes longer than peritoneal dialysis.
B. peritoneal dialysis involves the removal of blood from the patient.
C. hemodialysis is a step closer to the need for transplantation compared with
peritoneal dialysis.
D. peritoneal dialysis doesn’t need a dialyzer to work, whereas hemodialysis does.

24. What part of the brain is involved in control of antidiuretic hormone?
A. Hypothalamus C. Hippocampus
B. Thalamus D. Pituitary

25. Leukorrhea is a symptom of infection in which organ?
A. Intestines C. Prostate
B. Kidneys D. Vagina

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