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Posted by Patsy on Wednesday, December 22, 2010 at 11:59am.

1. A road sign says that no vehicles over 7.5 tonnes may use a bridge. My lorry weighs 4 tonnes, and I have 3.25 tonnes of presents and 4.75 of turkeys in the back of my lorry. How much am I over the bridge limit by?
a)3.5 tonnes
b)4.5 tonnes
c)2.5 tonnes
d) None - I should totally drive my heavy truck over the weak bridge

2. What is the probability of it raining on Monday and being cloudy on Tuesday if the probability of rain is 1/2 and the probability of clouds is 1/4?

3. What is 1.89240 to three significant figures?
c)1.8 x 103

4. I put 2,000 pounds in a bank and gain 0.50 percent interest for it every year. What is my new balance after one year?
a)10 pounds
b)2005 pounds
c)1990 pounds
d)2010 pounds

5. Use your answer for Q4 to find the new balance after the second year.
a)2020 pounds and five pence
b)Five pence
c)2010 pounds and five pence
d)1970 pounds and 95 pence

6. Look at the following equation, which determines the weight of an item.
P = w2 - 4
If w is the weight of the item and P is the price, find the price if the weight is three.
d)-1, so the item is free!

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