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Four identical masses of 2.7 kg each are located at the corners of a square with 1.4 m sides. What is the net force on any one of the masses?


I don't understand why im not getting it right... i need help please!!

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    Fopposite corner = G m^2/(1.4*sqrt2)^2
    lined up with diagonal

    get component along diagonal for the two adjacent sides, thus cos 45 = 1/sqrt2
    Fadjacent corners = 2 G m^2 cos 45/1.4^2
    = 2 G m^2 (1/sqrt 2) /1.4^2

    sqrt 2 is about 1.4 so

    F = G m^2 /4 + 2sqrt 2 G m^2/4
    = G m^2 (1+2.8)/4
    pretty close to G m^2 but do the arithmetic more accurately than I did in my head

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