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Homework Help: Governemnt

Posted by Amy on Sunday, December 19, 2010 at 4:40pm.

1. A central premise of james madison in Nos. 47, 48, and 51 of the federalist is that:
a. weak government is the best government
b. the combination of legislative, executive, and judicial power is the very definition of tranny
c. men are not angles and therefore those who exercise political power must be limited
d. b and c

2. According to madison, the branch of government most to be feared because of its inherent power is:
a. the executive
b. the judiciary
c. the legislature
d. the bureaucracy

3.Madison argues that the separation of powers can only be maintained if:
a. each branch of gov't is kept entirely separate from coordiante branches
b. the powers of the three branches of the government overlap
c. a strong presidency
d. an alert citizenry checks the government.

my answers:
1. d
2. b

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