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Homework Help: American History

Posted by Shawn on Saturday, December 18, 2010 at 2:16pm.

1.Did William Garrison and John Brown promote the same cause? true or false
2.The two most decisive battles of the Revolution were a. Trenton & Sarotoga b. Sarotoga and Yorktown c.Yorktown & Fallen Timbers d. Yorktown & Long Island
3.All of the following colonies were founded by adherents of minority religious beliefs EXCEPT a. Rhode Island b. Massachussetts c.Pennsylvania d. South Carolina e. Maryland
4.The group that probably made the Least progress between 1800-1860 a. women b.Blacks c. Immigrants d. Native Americans
5.James Monroe was probably least interested in affairs in A. St. Petersburg b. London c. Madrid d. Monrovia

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