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A 3.79 kg ball is dropped from the roof of
a building 163.8 m high. While the ball is
falling to Earth, a horizontal wind exerts a
constant force of 11.5 N on the ball. It takes 5.77 second to hit the ground.
How far from the building does the ball hit
the ground?
Answer in units of m.

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    The horizontal wind will not affect the time it takes to fall. Get that time (T) from the equation

    (1/2) gT^2 = 163.8 m

    Whoops, they already told you the time to fall, 5.77 s. It agrees with the above equation.

    The sideways acceleration of the ball is
    a_x = F/m = 3.03 m/s^2

    The horizontal displacement at the ground is

    X = (1/2)*a_x*T^2

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