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Posted by saint on Friday, December 17, 2010 at 6:37pm.

If you want to insert a column into an existing table, you would click
A. on the New Column key.
B. the appropriate icon in the Rows & Columns group.
C. over the table title. Then you would press the Backspace key.
D. in the top cell of the extreme right column. Then you would click on the Paste
5. Formulas within table cells always begin with
A. parenthesis.
B. a symbol that looks like a backwards F.
C. the autosum symbol.
D. an equal sign.
6. If you press the Tab key in the last cell of a table,
A. the cell is divided. C. a new column is added.
B. a new row is added. D. a new table is added.
7. When saving a memo you created in Word, which one of the following extensions is
automatically assigned to the document?
A. .gifx C. .htmx
B. .docx D. .bmpx
8. Which of the following steps would you take to start a new paragraph?
A. Click on the Save button.
B. Let the text word-wrap automatically.
C. Click on the Format menu and then on Paragraph.
D. Press the Enter key.
9. Default tab stops are set in Word every _______ inch(es).
A. 1/4 C. 3/4

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