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Posted by Karen on Friday, December 17, 2010 at 3:17pm.

I need to underline the adjectives and bold the adverbs. Just need help if I did it correctly. Since this doesnst let me do underline and bold I will make the adjectives in () and the adverbs in ** Thanks

I have had both *good* and *bad* experiences with credit and credit cards. My (first) credit card that I had was not a *good* one to have. Not only did it have an annual charge that would account for about half of the allowed limit but it had a lot of fees that I was unaware of. I *quickly* maxed out the card and struggled *greatly* trying to pay it off. I battled the company for a long time but was eventually able to pay it off. I was able to settle the account for less then I owed but it *negatively* affected my credit report. Since then I have learned how to manage my credit a little more *wisely*. I have a few accounts that are open and in good standing. Some of these accounts are revolving while the rest are not. During these years I have gone from "no credit" to "bad credit" and have finally landed on "okay credit". One day, hopefully soon, I will have "good/great credit".

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