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chem/plz/check work studying for a final

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23. A 32.3 L sample of a gas at 305oC and 1.20 atm is to be cooled at constant pressure until its volume becomes 28.4L. What will be the new gas temperature?

Tf = Vf*Ti/Vi

Tf =28.4L x (305+273)K / 32.3L

= (28.4)(578)K / 32.3

= 16415.2/32.3
Tf = 508K

I got this one wrong on a test please let me know what I'm doing wrong???

  • chem/plz/check work studying for a final -

    I get 508.2 K which rounds to 508 K. I don't see anything wrong with what you've done. Perhaps the answer was supposed to be in celsius.

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