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Fine Art

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9. Features including easily understood symbols, illumination, and colorful shapes are common in
a. paintings from the Gothic period
b. paintings from the Romanesque period
c. Islamic art
d. paintings done by monks

17. Because of the style of some sculptures found in a Romanesque church, they are sometimes called
a. Bibles in Stone
b. minaret
c. illuminated manuscripts
d. Psalters

21. Gothic style churches were not limited to France- T?

22. Two famous architects designed the dome of the Hagia Sophia- I think this is false because in my book it says Two math experts designed it, not architects.


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    Didn't you read Bobpursley's answer?

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    Yes, but that doesn't answer the rest of my questions.


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    Is it possible he only comment on the answer he thought was wrong?

    I don't know about 9, but 17 and 21 are correct.

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    I think 9 is D. and 22 is true because architects have to be math experts but I'm probably wrong.

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