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A laboratory technician is required to prepare a quarter normal saline solution (0.22% w/v) from the stock normal saline solution.

1. What is the dilution factor required?

I have 4-fold dilution - is that correct?

2. Ise this dilution factor to calculate the volume of stock needed if one litre of the diluted solution is to be prepared.

I have 0.22 over (divided by) 0.91 = 0.2417582 - is that correct? And how do I then convert it into a fraction in its lowest form?


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    I don't know how accurately you want this done but I would think a quarter normal solution would be 0.91/4 = 0.2275 in which case 4-fold dilution is needed.

    2. I don't think it is needed.
    If we use M x mL = M x mL, then
    0.91/100 x mL = 0.2275/100 x 1,000
    mL = 0.2275*1000/0.91 = 250. mL.

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    Hi DrBob222,

    Thanks for your help.

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