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7th grade

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Given a cube of density 8900kg/m3 and length side 10cm
A-what is the nature of his cube?
B-find the mass of the above cube?
C-find the relative density of the cube?
D-using gravity 10N/kg find its weight?

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    A- What do you mean by the "nature" of a cube?
    B- Density x Volume
    C- Relative to what?
    D- If they are trying to teach you the relationship between mass and weight, they should teach you the correct value of g. On earth, it is 9.81 m/s^2 , not 10. It varies with location, planet and altitude.
    Anyway, multiply mass (kg) by the N/kg number.

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    Nature often means solid,
    liquid or gas. Typical solids have high densities and this figure would make it a solid. It is the same density as copper.

    Relative density is relative to water, unless the material is otherwise specified.
    As no temperature is given then use 1000 kg m^-3 for water, so the relative density is 8.9 (no units).

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    10 cm long,10 cm wide,and 10 cm high

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