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10th grade math help

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How do you solve?
3-3sinx-2cos^2(x) = 0

  • 10th grade math help -

    how do you solve x2+16x-80/x2-16

  • 10th grade math help -

    explain/justify without converting to standard form.


    the two (2) in the problem is squared.

  • 10th grade math help -

    quan is shoppin. he can buy 2 pairs of pants and 1 shirt for $79.85 before tax is added. he cab buy 1 pair of pants and 2 shirts for $69.85 before tax is added. how much does a shirt cost

  • 10th grade math help -

    y=240*x squared

  • 10th grade algebra 1 -

    nedd help n algebra 1

  • 10th grade math help -

    The 10th grade class at Johnsonville High School has 50 students. There are 20 students that take Algebra and 15 students that take Geometry. Five students take both Algebra and Geometry.

    How many students in the 10th grade class are enrolled in neither Algebra nor Geometry?

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